Pacific Skiffs History

Pacific Skiffs was established in 1986 as Pacific Manufacturing, Inc. Our first products were custom made all-welded aluminum work boats commonly referred to as skiffs. In the United States, a "skiff" is known as a small, shallow draft, open deck work boat often called upon to meet the needs of commercial anglers. Supplying the "tools of the trade" to the commercial fishing industry, opened doors to other markets including but not limited to, set netting, crabbing, shrimping, aquaculture, freight hauling, construction, dredging, oil spill response, diving and resort use. After several successful years manufacturing "made to order skiffs," the design and manufacturing processes were refined into the development and production of premium quality, high performance, Vee-hull commercial and sport fishing boats.

To date, we have manufactured vessels for Fire Departments, Search and Rescue teams, Ports, Harbor Masters, Sheriffs, the US Coast Guard, US Navy, Naval Reserve, Coast Guard Auxillary, NOAA, US Army Corps of Engineers, Fish and Wildlife agencies, Ggame Wardens, Universities, the National Park Service, Tribal fisheries and patrols, Departments of Natural Resources, Dept of Transportation, US Geological Survey, Construction Companies, Divers, Towing companies and many more.

With a marine engineering background, commercial ship repair and manufacturing technology skills, the owner brings over 35 years of industry experience to the company. In this highly fragmented market, our design and manufacturing processes continue to be industry leaders.

Pacific Boats staff of skilled craftsmen continue our tradition of producing cutting edge, rugged and safe boats for nearly all working conditions.

Our riggers are ABYC Certified electrical installers.